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The mission of NextFab is to foster innovation by providing an open, collaborative work environment, a diverse community of collaborators, and affordable access to cutting edge tools and expertise. We believe that “open innovation” – seeking critical and collaborative input from the community – results in superior creative works and more practical implementations. However, certain stages of the creative process and certain types of endeavors may require a more intensive effort and a greater measure of privacy than shared workspace can provide. To respond to this need, NextFab is offering private office spaces within its facility to offer you the privacy and unrestricted hours you need, while providing access to NextFab’s technical facilities and the mutual benefits of community.
An office residency is a substantial commitment of time and resources for both you and for NextFab. Office residencies are intended primarily to facilitate intensive efforts lasting 3-6 months, though extended arrangements are possible through reapplication, and higher fees will be applied. Office residents have unsupervised, after-hours access to NextFab, and need NextFab to be a secure and efficient workspace for their endeavor, so mutual trust is crucial.
As only five private offices are available within the facility, an application process will be used to select the residents.
NextFab is excited to offer this office residency opportunity to you, and we are honored to support you in your endeavors.

Private office features

  • 120 square feet (10’ x 12’)
  • Lockable door
  • Basic office furniture
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Resident name / business name on directory board at NextFab reception desk
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access

Optional services for office residents: 

  • Professional business address at NextFab 
  • Concierge postal mail service 
  • Concierge parcel service 
  • Private telephone number and handset 

Office residency: 

  • $500 security deposit 
  • $700 / month fee 
  • Includes one standard membership 
  • Additional memberships (max 3) available at $75 / month 
  • 3 – 6 month duration; minimum 3 month commitment 
  • Extended residency available at higher rate through reapplication 

Restrictions / Obligations

  • Offices are intended to facilitate intensive work efforts –not to be used as storage units.
  • Only computers and office equipment may be used after normal member hours
  • First floor facilities off limits outside of normal NextFab business hours
  • No hazardous materials may be stored within offices
  • After-hours guests (any non-resident) must be pre-approved by NextFab management in writing
  • NextFab management reserves the right to inspect offices on 30 minute notice