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Make it your hobby, your business, or your lifestyle: co-work, art work, invention and entrepreneurship anytime or all the time in the ultimate place for innovation. NextFab has a membership type to suit your needs.



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Do you have any questions? Here's A Quick Q & A.

How do I start a membership?

Five steps to getting started:
  1. Get signed up: online or in person
    • Select your membership and payment types
    • You'll receive a welcome email explaining the next steps...
  2. Get a seat in New Member Orientation
  3. Get your ID Badge
    • Check in at the reception desk ~15 minutes prior to your Orientation class to have your photo taken and ID printed
  4. Get oriented 
    • ​New Member Orientation will present the facility, services, and policies in detail
    • You can use computers and software immediately afterward
  5. Get busy
    • Take Shop Safety Training classes for access to large shops
    • Dive into projects, collaborations, advanced classes, private training

Note: You only need to take orientation and safety training classes at one location; just check in at the front desk the first time you come to work at another location.

When will I be charged for a day pass?

Community and Flex Members' accounts are charged for day passes when:
  • For Community members: When you work in the facility more than 2 days per month
  • For Flex members: When you work in the facility more than 8 days per month
  • Members do NOT need a day pass to take a paid class!
You never need a day pass for:
  • New member orientation
  • Wood shop safety training
  • Metal shop safety training
  • Paid classes
  • Complimentary introductory classes
More questions?

Please check our FAQ page.