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Do you have any questions? Here's A Quick Q & A.

When do I need a day pass?

A day pass is required for Community and Flex Members:
  • For Community members: To work in the facility more than 2 days per month
  • For Flex members: To work in the facility more than 8 days per month
  • To take a paid class at NextFab
  • To participate in a club meeting such as robotics or welding
You never need a day pass for:
  • New member orientation
  • Wood shop safety training
  • Metal shop safety training
  • Complimentary introductory classes, such as:
    • Getting started at NextFab, a 1 hour guided Q-and-A
    • Introduction to CAD
    • Intro to 3D Printing
    • NextFabulous Social events, hosted monthly
More questions?

Please check our FAQ page.

What additional charges should I be aware of? 

Initiation / Re-initiation
This fee covers the cost of producing ID badges, setting up accounts, and providing orientation and safety training for new and rejoining members. 
The following involve additional fees:
  • raw materials from our stockroom
  • private storage lockers with padlocks
  • private training
  • classes and workshops
  • use of certain specialty equipment and tools and/or materials
  • prototyping/model building service
  • technical consulting services