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Community Outreach

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Community Projects

We particularly enjoy working with students from Philadelphia-area secondary schools who might not otherwise have the opportunity to work creatively with their hands and who may have a poor practical understanding of science and math. 

During the past decade, the foundation of our nation's innovative culture has deteriorated. We've seen secondary schools that have eliminated vital technology-centric workshops; governmental policies and economic downturn that have discouraged the world's brightest from starting U.S.-based businesses; and manufacturing jobs and skills that have been lost to other countries.

Our goal is to stop that decay in its tracks. That's why everything we do — from the layout of our facility to the establishment of operations — is done with the express intent of making innovation safe and approachable for all.

To that end, we engage in outreach activities, alone and in partnership with non-profit organizations, that are driven by our conviction that making — expressing one's ideas by designing and building — universally yields a sense of empowerment and satisfactionthat enhances communication, transcends social barriers, and opens minds.

We do not create passive learning experiences. Rather, we provide and support programs that offer real challenges that are adaptable to each participant's skill level, because we believe a person must do — solder the wire, cut the wood, weld the metal — in order to grow in confidence and capability.
Please contact us for more information or to discuss how we can work together.

Student Testimonials

"...the skills I’ve gained definitely helped me in my college experience…”
Wei Quan Li, Northeast High School Class of 2012, attending Drexel University

My participation in the Robotics Club and the skills I’ve gained from it definitely helped me in my college experience. First and foremost, learning how to work effectively and efficiently in a group setting was my most important takeaway. In college, you will constantly find yourself working with other people whether it is for a project, report, or even just to study. Sea Perch helped me learn how to interact and communicate with my group members. For instance, everyone will have different ideas about how to approach the end goal and it is important to consider all ideas but also be critical and efficient in your approach – utilize Sea Perch to try out various strategies and find a good balance. In addition, when placed into a group setting, one must know when to be a leader or when to step down and let someone else take control. In college and everywhere else, there may be instances where another person will know more about the subject at hand. In this event, it would be the best time to let that person lead or enable the person to share their knowledge – knowing when to lead and letting another person take over is an important skill. Lastly, I learned how to handle conflict within a group setting during my time in Sea Perch. It is common to have disagreement among a group and it is critical to talk about the conflicts instead of ignoring it and leaving it unresolved. Sea Perch taught me to be open minded and open communication within a group is the best way to get things done.

"...our friends at NextFab were always there to help us..."
Chieuanh Nguyen, Lincoln High School Class of 2011, attending Dickinson College

Being a member of the Robotics Club taught me a few things about myself and helped prepare me with the necessary skills for college success. I was mainly in charge of working on the Notebook that we had to submit for the competition, so I learned new ways of being organized and creative ways of displaying our work. Both of these skills were also essential when working on large projects in college. When I had more hand-on opportunities, I learned that I should not to be afraid to ask questions and to learn from my mistakes. As a team, we must remember that we should always challenge ourselves and to work outside the box while being realistic. It was also reassuring to know that our friends at NextFab Studio were always there to help us with comments and suggestions. They were essential to our success, so we should never be afraid to ask questions. By always seeking improvement for both my project and for myself, I felt that this is what makes you successful both in college and in life.

"...working with NextFab revealed that science was not bad after all..."
Azim Hawkins, Lincoln High School Class of 2011, attending Bloomsburg University

Participating in the robotics club in Philadelphia Future prepared me for college by developing goal-setting skills, better use of time management, and working with others. I was not a fan of science but participating with the robotics team and working with Next Fab studios revealed that science was not bad after all. As a result of participating in the program I try to further my studies while I pursue my bachelor’s degree. Every bit of science makes me curious of what to learn next. As my team and I progressed further in the project, I learned how to work with others, how to study my team members’ strengths and weaknesses, and it taught me how to prepare for large projects in college as well. It is all about working as a team, without working as a team tasks and goals will not get completed. Do not be intimidated by your team members for they are there to help and complete the project as well. Listen to each other ideas and construct them all into one masterpiece. Not only this will help you finish and compete in the competition but it will help towards your college success as well.